Dear Listeners

Welcome to the Theory of Content site. We are on our way to creating an interactive experience for all of you. This site will serve as a repository for the podcast that you know and love as well as other projects that Amber and I have planned.

We hope that you continue to enjoy our content. We want to continue to provide high quality podcasts as well as an environment for learning. As we expand the TOC offerings, we promise that we will keep you updated here. In the meantime, subscribe to our YouTube or the iTunes feed, both of which will be updating regularly as new episodes are released.

2 thoughts on “Dear Listeners”

  1. Hi Amber and Josh,

    I enjoy listening to your podcast I hope you can answer my questions?

    I have read/heard conflicting information about working with other bloggers.

    I am referring to blog hops in which a group gets together on a regular basis, typically monthly around a common subject. Each person creates or writes their post about this subject and links to the others at the bottom of the post. Similar to a “Linky” party but no using the Inlinz code.

    Is this a bad concept? Does Google see it as a linking scheme? In theory, I see it as a nice user experience because readers will receive information from several bloggers and can choose to read more if they are interested. If this is a bad practice would using a nofollow code for the links be helpful?

    Also, I am interested in hearing your thoughts about roundups. Some are saying that you need to be careful sharing your posts with just anyone, conversely linking to just any blog as they relate to ranking and “Google Juice.”
    All I see in my FB feed are requests to share posts for roundups and I am tempted to share, but I’d love to know if and or when this is a good idea.

    Thanks so much and keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Josh and Amber,

    I’ve been binge listening to your podcast over the last month, and I think I’m through them all now! You talk a lot about keyword research, and I guess I’m slow to learn (being 52 doesn’t help!). Could you possibly give an example of writing a recipe post, and ask your readers to follow along on the computer? For example, let’s blog about a salsa recipe. Show us how you are doing keyword research (using maybe the free Keywords Everywhere), how you are choosing your keywords, and then what you name your post and where you actually put the keywords in the post.

    I know this is probably a bit elementary, but I feel like keywords are the thing I knew nothing about in the beginning, and just want to get it right. I realize that the size of your reach affects how you choose as to what level you can compete at, but I’d love a real life example to follow along with.

    Your podcast is SO good, and I’m forever grateful for all this free info. I’m also pretty excited to be attending the MediaVine conference in Austin this November. FIRST conference ever!

    Thanks so very much. ~Sue

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