Ep – 060 The One Where Nora is Back

Theory of Content is back this week with Joshua Unseth and our new co-host Nora Schlesinger. Joshua and Nora kick off the episode by sharing their past SEO woes. They tell listeners about their old blogs and the biggest mistakes they made, and (spoiler alert!) Nora proves she’s wiser than Joshua because she does not have nearly as many big mess-ups. 

Joshua and Nora then tell each other about their weekly food cravings/recipes/etc. Joshua shares how he has become a master pasta carbonara-er, and also spills about his illegal COVID dinner parties. This brings the hosts to dish out some advice on how to make the most out of your blog while at home. They explain how to tailor content to fit the current social climate and give some good information about what search terms have been trending well since the stay-at-home orders have been put in place.

Next up is Facebag! Nora and Joshua answer questions about how to maximize revenue from videos, whether Youtube is a good resource or not, and how to craft the perfect video content for your blog or channel. Then they get into the topic of internal linking. How much is too much? Is there such a thing as too little? Nora wants to make sure the listeners know that internal linking more than once is not the worst thing, but make sure the linking makes sense. Finally, the episode wraps up with a final question about syndicating multiple sites. Joshua and Nora leave listeners with the advice to take authority over a specific topic, having too many blogs might make you go crazy instead of boosting readership.

Thank you so much for tuning into this week’s episode of Theory of Content. Remember to come back next week for even more information on how to perfect your online content strategy.

Upload Direct or Just Embed?

For my videos that are between 3 – 6 minutes long and also on YouTube, is it better to upload them directly to my blog or just embed the YouTube video with HTML? I am not currently a Mediavine member but would this answer change if I was part of an advertising network? Thanks!

Is it OK to link to the same external link twice in a post?

For instance, I have an old round up of 9 recipes that I’m updating. All the links to the recipes are in paragraphs in conversation style. My thought was to make a list of those 9 recipes and add the list to the bottom of the post so that they stand out more but that means each recipe will be linked twice. I don’t really care if it will help SEO, I just don’t want it to be negative SEO affect. If that makes sense.

Curious about syndicating our own content.

I’ve read that some bloggers will republish their own content on Medium or LinkedIn with a canonical link. And that both the original and syndicated posts can rank. And from what I understand, Google only cares about duplicate content on the same domain.

We have a network of sites across that cover travel and outdoor topics. And we’re considering syndicating all of this content (with a canonical link) to a hub domain (that we own), with the goal of ranking both pieces of content. I think we’ll reach a larger audience – and help readers discover our other content on related topics.

Have you done this? I’m interested in studies and data to confirm or refute this idea. Curious about your opinion / experience.

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