Episode 045 – The Dream Team Rides Again to Answer FaceBag !

What’s Happening in SEO This Week?

Rich answers in Google mobile search more than doubled since 2018.

Image carousels also occurred 151% more often than the previous year.

The sharp increase in image carousels underscores the importance of image SEO and provides users with one more way to reach your pages.

What are we talking about this week? 

Facebag All the Way! 

Belinda Del Pesco – Belinda Del Pesco | Belinda Tips

Dear Amber and Josh,

Do you think blog themes become outdated and clunky with age?  And there comes a time when a theme-refresh is a good idea? 

I’m in the midst of a switch from a small, custom theme from years ago to a faster, more google-friendly  & site speed efficient theme using Astra. 

Could you talk a little bit on the podcast about your thoughts on Astra, blogger theme updates – and which theme layouts work best for ad-inclusion? 

I’ve traditionally had a narrow header at the top of my blog, with main content and posts in the middle right, and a sidebar on the left with ads, funnels and web forms.  

Many of the new themes feature wide format, full screen, responsive background photos with no side bars at all. I presume that means all ads will be inserted within the post content? 

What are your thoughts on attractive, responsive blog themes that compliment the content of the publishers blog, but also take ads into consideration?

ToC has made the raw, dry kale of SEO into an apple pie with ice cream. I understand it all so much better then before I started listing to you guys and your excellent guests.

Thank you!


Jennifer Osborn – no blog url listed

Dearest Amber and Josh,

Is it okay SEO-wise if my blog post url is one thing and the title of my blog post is another? 

For example, I wrote a post about gooey butter cake and that’s what the url is Gooey Butter Cake Original St. Louis Version. 

However, in an effort to entice readers on social media and whatnot, I titled the blog post “The Cake You Won’t Stop Eating.”

Is this practice kosher? Or am I better off keeping the blog post title the same as the URL. 

I’m sorry if you guys have covered this in an earlier podcast but you’re imparting so much knowledge with every episode, it’s hard to keep track.

Also, correcting some confusion that I heard on the October 10 episode, a reference to a comment I made about Joshua’s appearance during a Mediavine Summer of Live. 

I was not commenting about Josh’s attractiveness, which of course he is. Alas, I hear Josh has a girlfriend and I actually have a husband.

I was just picturing in my head that Josh had a fairer complexion and hair–I imagined the actor David DeLuise. So, I was taken aback to see in that Facebook Live that Josh is dark and swarthy like a pirate. Aarrghh. But that’s a good thing. 

Thank you both again for starting–and maintaining–this podcast. You are making a difference.

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Everything,

Jennifer Osborn 🙂 

Jessica Scully – Holy City Crossfit | Paleo Scaleo

Ok, here’s a fun one. I’m working on upping my keyword research game. I am using Keywords Everywhere, as I currently can’t afford SEM Rush 

I’m working on a post on how to cook spaghetti squash. When I search “how to cook spaghetti squash in the oven” I get an answer of 2200/mo. When I take out the “the,” and search “how to cook spaghetti squash in oven,” I get 6600.

Let’s take the factor of whether I could rank for the 6600 one off the table for a minute. Let’s say that I could. What is Google looking at here? It looks like if I include “the” in the phrase, I would show up differently in the results than if I didn’t.

If I include the “the” in the phrase, will I still be considered for the 6600 searches that do not use “the”? How do I decide which one to use? Am I thinking about this the wrong way?

All other things being equal, it’s also challenging to write a post that reads intelligently and includes “how to cook spaghetti squash in oven.” 😂

Lauren Vavala – Delicious Little Bites

After the big hit earlier this month, I decided to poke around Google Search Console more. What I found is that while some of my ranking may have dropped slightly, the section called “Discovery” flat-lined. I mean it went to 0 impressions and 0 click throughs. Any idea why. Any chance of it coming back. Can I do anything???

Rebecca Swanner – Let’s Eat Cake

We’ve been optimizing posts and many are falling in ranking! Is this normal? And, if so, how long does it take for those to regain their positions (and gain some)? Last one

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