Episode 1 – Content Love

Today Amber and Joshua discuss Mediavine breaking sites and the response to the mistake. We talk about whether you should start your blog posts off with a photo or text. And finally we answer the question of whether or how you should think about URL exclusion.

We talk about some strategies for coming up with content. https://moz.com/blog/using-google-analytics-to-power-an-effective-qa-strategy

Throughout we veer off topic and discuss topics like “Keyword research” and how you should think about rankings on your site. We discuss how to understand keywords on your site as more of a broad, categorical piece of your site that should hang in the background. The theme of today’s show is very simply, if you’re going to be making content, make sure that you love what you’re writing, because it’s the only way to ensure that people love what they’re reading.

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