Episode 38 – All about Hosting

What’s happening in the world of SEO this week? h

Breadcrumb structured data reports now available in Google Search Console

The BreadcrumbList schema allows you to mark up the breadcrumbs on your site to generate breadcrumb rich snippets for your pages in the SERPs.

Breadcrumb Rich Snippets

Let’s talk about hosting, and why it’s important for your site, and getting your content out into the world. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been at this a while, we think these foundational points are super important.

  • What does self hosted mean? 
  • Why is hosting important to SEO?
  • What should we look for in a good host?
  • What are knock on effects of a host that isn’t paying attention to overloaded servers, caching and CDNs?
  • Do you always need to upgrade your hosting package? What can you push back on to make sure you’re efficiently using the hosting package you have?
  • Why is WordPress the best CMS? What are some specific things it does for SEO?
  • Do you need to move CMS or Hosting Companies to improve performance? What about themes?

Themes and Theme Frameworks – Genesis, Thesis, Divi, Trellis. Themes: Foodie Pro, Brunch Pro, custom themes from Purr Design

Genesis has the market share, but hasn’t had any significant updates in a long time – it debuted 10 years ago. Thesis 2.0 came out in 2012. Divi is newer, but can be heavy on page builders. Trellis is coming, but as yet significantly tested, and taking longer than initially anticipated.

Reader Questions: 

Carol Borchardt (athoughtforfood.com and fromachefskitchen.com)

I’m curious as to why my traffic is so similar from day to day. 

Granted, weekends are busier, Fridays are less so, etc. etc. and I’m glad I DON’T have wild swings. I don’t have a good way to explain this but I’m curious as to whether Google puts your site into some sort of “box” and something has to please the Google gods before you are allowed out of “the box.” 

All traffic starts with someone in a city somewhere interested in some sort of recipe. I would think the swings from day-to-day would be more up and down. Instead, the numbers are so consistent almost to the difference of a hundred PVs here and there. 

Can’t all be the same people looking at the same recipes every day. I totally GET the site ranking, keyword thing, etc., etc., but it still all starts with someone doing a Google search. Seems rather “controlled” to me. 

Mary Elizabeth Woita – (oliveandartichoke.com and bootsandhooveshomestead.com)

Well…I just came on to ask in the Mediavine group and saw this. 🙂 And I apologize if you’ve covered this. I’m still working my way through the episodes from last year!

What’s the consensus on using a table of contents plug in…in relation to both SEO and ads. Any issues/concerns?

Thanks! 🙂

Jill Castle | The Nourished Child with Jill Castle

Bad backlinks! I’ve had an influx of thousands of image backlinks in the last month or two, of which 7 are “toxic” according to SEMRush. What should I do? (I’ve seen traffic suppression on my site in March, May and June so the backlinks are making me nervous!)

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