Episode 41 – Facebag or The Thread?

What’s happening in SEO this week?

Google Just Announced a Major Search Algorithm Change That Users Will Probably Love, and Some Businesses May Absolutely Hate

What are we talking about this week? 

The Thread

From the Facebook Group:

Kristi Bernadyn West: Is it okay to have multiple links to the same thing in one post?

Patti Zacharia Estep: I’d love to hear your thoughts on monthly Blog Hops. Are they considered link schemes? If so, is there a way to properly structure/code the links so that they are not considered link schemes. Or should we not participate in them at all. Thanks!

Mary Elizabeth Woita: Well…I just came on to ask in the Mediavine group and saw this. 🙂 I apologize if you’ve covered this. I’m still working my way through the episodes from last year! What’s the consensus on using a table of contents plug in…in relation to both SEO and ads. Any issues/concerns? Thanks! 🙂

Karen Troughton: Does the frequency of posting/updating really affect your site’s SEO performance? I’m always worried I have to “feed the monster,” so to speak, but so far, when I’ve lagged on adding new posts, there haven’t been any adverse effects. Knocking on wood … always knocking on wood.

Vera Sweeney: Oh Lord in heaven… where to begin???? Why can’t I get it? No, that’s not a question. I guess my struggle is when is too many keywords … too much. I can’t seem to grasp that. Is there a percentage I should be targeting? Should they be mostly in titles or sprinkled in text? How many other keywords should I aim for per post when just starting out? Should I just add my juice and brain energy on one when I don’t know what I am doing or should I still try to go after two or three at a time ?

Sara Kellner Maniez: Here goes. Back in 2015, when my blog was new and I was a newb to food blogging, a nut company convinced me to put an article and info graphic as a blog post with link to them, I want to get rid of this post, (I think I’ve since deleted the link) I think this is probably duplicate content, as they had other bloggers publish it too. What can I do with a post like this? It does not get any traffic. Should I “unpublish”? What options do I have that doesn’t ding my site I anyway? Thanks!

Oriana Romero: How do I safely delete tags and categories that are no longer needed without hurting SEO?

Danielle Pientka: I’m a DIY and craft blogger. I’ve been trying to write for SEO but I’m struggling to figure out some good keywords. Half the time, I re-optimize and I’m surprised to see NOBODY is searching for a term (like zero). Any suggestions for dealing with this? 😅

Rebecca Swanner: I’m a lifestyle blogger. One of my recipes is ranking in spot 1 (sometimes 2) for a great term. But I know the recipe and tips could be better. Can I edit the recipe to improve it and add links to other posts? Or should I leave it alone?

Michelle Price: What about old content that doesn’t fit my niche anymore? When you have over 2000 posts and your blog is a dinosaur, do you:

  • Leave them up?
  • Delete them following a specific process?
  • Noindex them following a specific process?
  • Something else entirely?

What’s best for SEO?

Nicole Day: Since the algorithm update a few weeks back, I have multiple long tail keyword phrases that previously ranked in the top 10 but that are now not even in the top 500. It has cut my organic traffic in half (after making my goal for 2019 to grow organic traffic and doing well). What can I do now to get my posts ranking for those phrases again?

Kalee Sorey Dillard: Most of our traffic comes from Google and Pinterest. I’m curious, is there any benefit (besides sanity of course) to scheduling out content 1x a week versus just publishing as often and as soon as possible? For example, if I can write 5 posts per week – is it okay to publish them all immediately or should I stagger them out?

Mason Woodruff: What about backlink building strategies that aren’t cold email pitches or resource page hunting? More specifically, what are your thoughts on trading leverage in other places (Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) for high quality backlinks in a white hat manner.

Silke Elzner: I recently learned about a phenomenon where long pieces of content that cover too many topics at once have trouble to rank for anything at all. I certainly experience this with a handful of my articles.

Aileen Clark: Why would I stop ranking for a term? I was ranking (not very high – in the 60s) for a term and now it’s not showing up at all in google search console. Help!

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