Episode 044 – Who Needs a Lawyer? Most Likely You Do. With Special Guest Jamie Lieberman

What’s happening in SEO this week?

Marie talks about the potential for linking being significant to this latest update. She specifically mentions recipe bloggers and how they link to each other. Here’s the Google Update.

What are we talking about this week? 

This week I’ve got a guest co-host. Joshua and I will be back together next week, I promise! The dream team will ride again. I’ve been traveling like a mad woman, so it’s all on me, y’all.

The good news is, my guest co-host this week is Jamie Lieberman, the complete and total badass helming the ship at the successful law firm, Hashtag Legal.

Joshua and I’ve been trying to pepper ToC with some additional resources that help with content creation. For me, protecting the assets you’ve worked to create is one of the most important things you can do as a content creator. After all, what good is all the SEO work you do if you’re not covering yourself with accurate privacy policies and GDPR compliance and sponsored work contracts that are fair and equal?

That’s why this week I’m so excited to welcome Jamie to the podcast. 

What led  you to working with content creators?

What’s your go-to order in your favorite restaurant? 

Why do you think more lawyers aren’t aware of this industry and its needs?

What was the pivotal moment for you in realizing you could turn your ability to help this industry into a business?

Why does a blogger WANT a lawyer? 

What mindset adjustments do you think need to happen so that content creators view themselves as business owners, and therefore, someone in need of legal counsel? 

What do you want content creators to know about the risks they’re taking?

How was GDPR’s roll out for you? What do you think is most misunderstood about it?

Favorite go-to movie for folding laundry or cleaning the house? Maybe make this one and the restaurant one your last questions

What’s the new California version of this? Tell us about it.

You’re known for your bright red amber hair. Have you ever considered going for a different color?

What’s a pivotal way small business owners can change their thinking to help their businesses grow? 

You’re a working mom, I’m a working mom, many of our listeners are working moms. Have you had any aha moments you’d like to share that would help these mama bosses? 

Do you use SEO for your business? If so, what are strategies you take that are similar to content creators?

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