Episode 50!! The Googler, The Extract and The Bad Accent

What’s new in SEO this week?

Frédéric Dubut from Bing recorded a video where he said he thought keyword research would become obsolete, and it’s all about intent research. 

John Mueller, the Googler, disagreed slightly and said there will always be a place for keyword research.

Amber: I completely agree, and it all ties in with what Josh and I’ve been saying since we started this podcast. If you’re writing for humans, you’re already doing both keyword and intent research. Bloggers that blog from a place of passion aren’t just looking to rank for Best Fudge Recipe because it’s a big keyword. They’re looking to rank for it because they truly believe they have the best fudge recipe (which is the searcher’s intent – to find the best fudge recipe), and they write their content that way.


Kathryn Anne | Wandering Bird

I rank highly for several terms with posts which don’t make much sense and therefore don’t get clicks, although they rank well for other terms they were intended for.

I’ve written additional posts for those exact keywords, but they’re not ranking for the terms, or at least they are, but much lower. I’ve left them for a few months and the new posts are still not ranking above the older posts.

Is there anything else I can do? I’m confused on my next steps. Thanks Amber and Joshua.

Google Search Operators

Milisa Armstrong | Miss in the Kitchen

As always, appreciate y’all so much. I look forward to every podcast. Are cocktail recipes and use of alcohol in recipes a deterrent for advertisers? Y’all (I think Amber) mentioned step-by-step photos in the recipe card. I usually put these the post but not in the card. Can you explain which is better for UX and also SEO. Any examples you have of sites doing this would also be great.

Allison Corey | Keeping the Peas

Hi Amber and Josh!

I have really enjoyed listening to your podcast and have learned SO much! Thank you!

My question relates to keywords for posts. My blog Keeping the Peas is a plant-based vegan blog. When I write my posts I’ll use a title like Vegan Peanut Butter Overnight Oats. I usually stick the word vegan in my posts and title so that Google will start recognizing my site as a vegan site and hopefully start ranking me for vegan recipes. Even when a recipe is somewhat obviously vegan like the one above, is it necessary for me to always use vegan in the post and the title? When the keyword I’m going after is just “peanut butter overnight oats.” Or is that redundant and not user friendly.

Morgan McBride | Charleston Crafted

Hey y’all! Hope you had a good holiday season. I was wondering if you had any tips or advice for getting content featured on Google Discover? I had a flurry of small features over the summer but no clicks or impressions since. 

Thanks 🙂 

Morgan McBride

Belinda Del Pesco | https://www.belindadelpesco.com/

Dear Amber and Joshua,

I just listened to the January 1st podcast, and I’m all blinking, pink in the cheeks and squirmy at your very kind compliments. Thank you for saying such nice things about my art.

And you gave such BOSS answers to my question! Each branding and CTA suggestion caused an ‘of course!’ forehead slap with the frantic note taking! Aha moments abound!

Really, you guys are amazing at light-speed review and improvement-suggestions. I’m always so impressed with your breadth and depth of SEO knowledge.

Joshua, you commented that you didn’t see ads on my site… I insert google ads and affiliate links in posts, but I’m not “big enough” to be repped by an agency (yet). That’s why I’m so grateful for your podcast, because #goals. Mediavine, someday. 🙂

Amber, thank you for your purchase of the freesia and house finch watercolor print. I squealed when I saw your name in my order list.

Joshua, heartfelt congratulations on your engagement. I wish you decades of hand-holding and googley-eyed love. 💕

You both asked how I heard about ToC: my daughter Melanie Ham is a Mediavine member, and suggested I search for your FB Page. A good chunk of our conversations revolve around YouTube, Blogging and SEO. And comparing notes on the latest episode of the ToC podcast. #truth

Thanks again for your encouragement and great ideas! I’m incorporating those changes on the in-progress re-build of my website.

Heartfelt Happy New Year –


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