Episode 51 – All About Google Search and an Awesome Tattoo

What’s new in SEO?

This is a great article about understanding BERT…

Make sure you’re checking out the Google search blog regularly. I like this article because it really explains the intent of the changes they make to the search algorithm. When someone searches for something, they’re seeking to learn. Always. Use that in context with how you create content.


Christie Burnett | childhood101.com

My blog – childhood101.com – was hit big time by the November 8th Google update with a number of my top posts/keywords taking a hit. Now I am wondering if it is better for me to use my time trying to refresh, refine and add content for those keywords that were effected, or instead to work on refining and adding content for the keywords/posts Google is favoring now?

Brittany Goldwyn Merth | ByBrittanyGoldwyn.com

Excited to have found this group! I am just about completely caught up on the podcast. What a wealth of knowledge. 

I have a question about Google Search Console. I hope someone can help me with it.

I submitted my sitemap in Google Search Console last night. This morning it said “success, 5,804 discovered URLs.” However, I also got a note saying that it discovered the following error 241 times: “Submitted URL seems to be a Soft 404.” I’ve attached a screenshot.

All the “soft errors” seem to be images. What exactly does this mean? The images aren’t broken and belong in posts. At first, I thought maybe it was images that had the “linked to image” instead of “link to nothing” option checked in WordPress.

However, I had someone fix all of those sometime last year. (Maybe not?) If anyone knows what’s up, I’d be very grateful for some info!

Danielle Pientka | DIYDanielle.com

Facebag Question (or just for here): how much of an impact should swearing in the form of an acronym have on SEO?

Reading this… Clean Content vs Saucy Content… And they brought up IFL Science. If they don’t swear in content, could it trigger filters because of the acronym? 🤔

From the article:

Final Thoughts

Word choice and profanity are certainly two characteristics that help define a blogger’s voice, but profanity isn’t for everyone. Instead of writing like a potty mouth, take great care in how you convey a message to your audience. As a last ditch alternative, you can skirt around saucy language with euphemisms, indirect hints, and lighthearted wordplay. Just make sure you know how the message will be received by your audience before you hit that “publish” button!

Marjory Pilley | Dinner-Mom

Facebag question! First time poster…but long-time listener because this podcast always keeps me focused on what’s important and is so helpful! 😊 So…I’ve started creating and optimizing recipe “categories” to harness specific clusters of content…like veggie muffins or make-ahead Christmas dinners. What are your thoughts on doing this versus creating a round-up post…both from an SEO and ad perspective? TIA!!!

Mary Elizabeth Woita | Olive and Artichoke

Hello all! I’m getting these crawl warnings on a couple of pages. What do they mean? And how do I fix them? 😬 I really don’t understand Google’s help docs. #clueless


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