Episode 56 – Big News, Bitter Sweet

Big News!

It’s all Amber’s fault we haven’t been recording new episodes. Well, COVID-19’s really, but since everything else is COVID’s fault, I decided to take the hit for this one. 

Even before COVID, Joshua and I discussed me taking a step back because I’m getting busier and busier at Mediavine. Everyone knows that Theory of Content is a passion project for us, and I still love it, but I’ve found myself unable to juggle everything. COVID became the catalyst for us to put this plan in action, and I’m pretty excited about it.

More blogger hosts! This is where you come in. Do you want to come co-host the show with Joshua? Now’s your chance.

We’ll post a link to a Google form on the website and in the facebook group for those that want to apply. I can’t wait to listen to more bloggers helping bloggers as part of The Theory of Content. That’s what it was always about from the beginning anyway.

You’ll still hear from me, I’ve promised to come to bug Joshua and Don at least once a month. I’m excited to see how Theory of Content progresses because Joshua and Don make it great, and so will you.

Katie Price Webster | Healthy Seasonal Recipes

Hi Katie from HealthySeasonalRecipes.com. I heard Amber mention in the Mediavine Group not to write COVID-19 in our posts because Google would negatively rank our post. Add to that Ad buyers wouldn’t want to put their ads against that content. 

Makes me wonder if there are other words that we should avoid. I know you mentioned curse words. What else? 

I write about healthy food and we have a few posts that mention health benefits of certain nutrients or antioxidants and explain that they may help prevent cancer. 

Wondering is Cancer a word I should avoid? Linking below one of my posts where I did this. Are there other buzz words? Thanks! https://www.healthyseasonalrecipes.com/roasted-broccoli-an…/

Elizabeth Waterson | Confessions of a Baking Queen

Hey! Thanks for the podcast, I love it!!! Having the random fun in between/before/ after topics/ questions makes it very easy to listen to and enjoyable. 

I have started to finally try and work on my category pages. I started to make categories for holidays (paddy’s, Christmas..etc), specific ingredients (chocolate, peanut butter, caramel). 

I’ve never done round-ups but was thinking of trying to go after some KWs for like Chocolate Dessert Recipes or Lemon Dessert Recipes. 

Do you think I should just optimize the category page or should I write an actual post/ page about chocolate dessert recipes? 

And for lemon I have savory recipes for lemon as well, so would I be better to make another lemon dessert category or just do a page on its own? 

Here’s a link to my current chocolate category: https://confessionsofabakingqueen.com/category/chocolate-recipes/

Thanks for any help and guidance on this one!!



Kati Farrer | Houseful of Homemade

When you want to use the same photo in multiple blog posts, is it better to add the photo to your media library again, uploading it with a new name better for the keywords of the new article? 

Or just use the photo and change the alt text (as appropriate) to better target the new keywords? Does Google see it as the same photo on multiple pages with different alt text?

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