Episode 58 – Your Site Is Not Broke But ….. Your Content Might Be

Josh and Amber co-host the show for this episode, but her voice is “terrible.” Amber walked something like 15 miles a day at a Disneyland blogger retreat, and they talked about what’s happening in the wide-world of events and coronavirus. The good news is that they can always record in a bunker (says Josh). Amber says that it would be better sound.

What About One Category Tagging?

Amber and Josh talk about advice that’s out there related to just tagging one category for each post. They talk about: Is it a good user experience? With the answer: “Not really.”

Josh says it’s “just wrong.”

There’s no certification process to say you’re an SEO expert. Amber challenges you: “Don’t be afraid to ask why. If that person can’t provide a decent and logical reason why… you should question that.”

What About Ranking & “Just Create More Content”?

Josh says, “There are a thousand reasons you might not be getting that initial boost in ranking.” You could be doing all the right things and still be ranking on Page 3 or 4. That doesn’t mean you won’t creep up to Page 1 after three or four months. It’s a balance. You have some content that will rank on Page 3 or 4 while other content is high-ranking on Page 1. “You’re in this for the long game. You’re not in it for rankings today. You’re trying to build a business.”

You’ll gain in strength and power. Amber says, “Sometimes it just takes time… Some are three years in the making. If you aren’t ranking after three or four weeks, you can’t think it’s a failure. Just keep writing.”

Josh says, “There’s not a magic bullet… and it sucks to lose ranking for stuff that you’ve poured your heart into.” What’s the solution?

  • Make more content.
  • Make more links.
  • Build your business.

There’s other things you can do optimization-wise. Maybe your site is slow. Maybe there are issues with navigation or supporting content. Maybe you’re a new blogger. You can build traffic with Pinterest, Facebook, newsletters, etc.

What About the “Fix”?

There are lots of things you can do to improve your content, and improve the website content practice for your website, but they don’t affect your ranking. So, while improved raking might happen at the same time as the implementation of changes. It doesn’t increase your rankings.

“The stuff that comes out of your head is the unique stuff.” Nobody can write like you. When something is wrong, you can really only control the things that you have control over. And, that’s content. The majority of fundamentals is available to everyone. Your solution is to practice more, to do more of the stuff that makes you better. That’s all you can do. That’s all that will work.

Make sure your fundamentals are covered, and then create more content.

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