Episode 59 Guest Host Nora Schlesinger

Welcome back to the Theory of Content! As we mentioned before, Amber’s transitioning off the show. Don’t worry, she’ll be back every once in a while, whenever her busy schedule allows. So say hello to your new co-host, Nora Schlesinger. Nora’s an awesome blogger, who runs acleanbake.com, and during the day she serves as a Chief Operating Officer of the SEO-focused content marketing agency, Growth Machine. So basically, she knows what she’s talking about. 

In this episode you’ll get to know a little bit more about Nora–from her diet, her family, her role as a quarantine teacher, and her experiences with sleep consultants. She’ll help you understand why it’s not a waste of money.

Joshua joins in, and the two share all of their wacky childhood/parenthood stories, They also divulge some information about their past blogs. 

Then it’s onto Email Bag! Your hosts give advice on how to use your search console hits to generate new content ideas that will draw more activity to your site. They they cover how to create a whole new blog, and properly use an older, yet thriving, blog to promote your new baby and get it off the ground.

Nora emphasizes how important it is to take authority of one topic for your blog. Not having a niche might seem like a good idea. More themes means more content, right? Not always.

Nora sums up the situation perfectly when she says, “Your brand can’t be ‘This is your life.’ It has to be something.” Email Bag wraps up with insight on how to craft the perfect “How To” post, and why you should wait to monetize until you’ve grown a noticeable following. 

Thank you so much for tuning into this week’s episode of Theory of Content. We hope you are just as excited as we are to welcome Nora, and we will see you all next week. Until then, remember, your site ain’t broke, but your content strategy might be.

Email bag

Melissa Williams | Persnickety Plates

I’ve been listening for a long time but I’m not sure which episode I originally started on, so this week I’ve been binge listening from the beginning.

Josh – I have the Boxcar Kids Cookbook – still on my shelf.

I’m on Episode 10 now, but a few episodes ago you said to ask you the best way to dig into search console to see what you should write about next. That’s what I’m after. What’s the best way to do this?

Maybe you already cover it between episodes 10 & 52…but can you either cover it or point me to the right episode?


Diane | HomemadeFoodJunkie.com

Hi Amber,

Hope your life is going well. First off let me say a huge THANK YOU. You personally have made my life so much better. After all these years on Mediavine and with your personal support our site is growing and earning a vastly better income. 

You and Josh were also a big help on the Theory of Content podcast with identifying ranking terms we should go after. We followed your advice and we are doing much better in google search and finally building a small audience. Thank you both! BUT we do not want all our eggs in one basket. My daughter and I are planning to start a niche site on LOW CARB RECIPES. 

HERE”S the Question: Can we syndicate our homemade food Junkie content to a zero SEO brand new site without a problem on Google for Homemade Food Junkie? 

I have researched this and found your answer to Megham Lamm on syndication on a FB thread on Mediavine publisher Facebook group. It sounds like we can do the syndication.

I’m just worried we will be hurt on the backlinks for Homemade Food Junkie. We have lots of content on Homemade Food Junkie we can syndicate to the new site. Some we would straight copy and paste. Some we would alter to fit the low-carb diet with a linkback to Homemade Food Junkie. Can we do this as authors on both sites? Will we hurt the big blog trying to jump start the baby?

Please let me know if you would rather answer this on the Facebook Theory of Content page. I’m not sure if this question is relevant to that podcast.

Our end goal is to get the new site on Mediavine by next year. We are also thinking about a new cocktail blog in the future. The same issues apply. Will the big blog get hurt trying to help the baby? Anyway, Thank you for reading this. We trust your expertise so much. Can you help us with this answer?

Have a great day Amber,

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Jessica Ashcroft | loveloveloveblog.com

2 hrs

I took SEO seriously over a year ago and started taking courses and having consults. After 6 months of updating content and using best practices I finally saw a steady climb in my stats in Search Console, and then the November update hit.

My stats are now back to they were before I started working on SEO, which honestly is pretty abysmal. Google makes up less than 1% of my overall traffic and it always has and it’s so discouraging. I feel like I finally understand SEO and how to implement it on my site. I target keywords within reach, link back to other posts, use interesting titles, and try to provide the best content but I’m certain Google hates me and I’ll never see the traffic that other bloggers enjoy.

Any advice?


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